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Erik Knedgen
CHRISTmas Valley U Potluck - 12/14/14
by Admin - Erik Knedgen - Sunday, 7 December 2014, 12:13 PM

The CHRISTmas Potluck will be held on 12/14/14 during the 20 minute break between 2nd and 3rd hours.  We will be setting up the tables a little differently this time to help ease the time it takes for everyone to load their plates with deliciousness! :)

Here's the lineup of who is expected to bring what, making at least 15-20 servings:

1st Years and Alumni (Last name begins with):

  • A-M : Appetizers/Desserts
  • N-Z : Main/Side Dish Items (Crock-pot type is OK)

2nd Years (Last name begins with):

  • A-M : Main/Side Dish Items (Crock-pot type is OK)
  • N-Z :  Appetizers/Desserts

EC Students: 

  • 1st Years : Pop
  • 2nd Years : Chips

Please bring your items downstairs into the Great Hall for set-up and we will enjoy fellowship and fun!

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